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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

There are three Nordic walking trails in the Montabaur municipal forest. An easy one of 2.36 km, an intermediate circuit of 9.25 km, and for the experienced walker a 11.16 km circuit

Nordic Walking Park Buchfinkenland (Chaffinch Land) is certified and signposted in accordance with German Nordic Walking Association standards. Over a distance of 50 Kilometres it offers interlinked routes of various levels of difficulty. The trails take you through the idylic "Chaffinch Land" into the neighbouring village of Welschneudorf.

Other scenic trails with routes of from between 4 ½ and 14½ Kilometers can be found here strong>Heilberscheid.

Elgendorf Elchweg (Elk Trail)

Elgendorf Elchweg (Elk Trail)

Setting out from Elgendorf, try one of the two walking trails: the long circuit (blue line) is 6.3 kilometres and the short one (red line), 4 kilometres

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Reckenthal Sculpture Trail

Reckenthal Sculpture Trail

A popular attraction, which also offers a great view of Montabaur castle, is the Reckenthal Sculpture Trail. Over a distance of 14 kilometres along the steep banks of the Gelbbachtal there are 42 unique wooden exhibits.

For a map with the locations and descriptions of the new sculptures erected in 2014 click here

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