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Fantastic Walks in the Southern Westerwald

Idyllic streams and valleys, wooded hills and open meadows the varied landscape of the Southern Westerwald is ideal for relaxation and recreation. The Westerwald region has a 1,000 kilometre network of hiking trails and paths. Here there is something for everyone: from easy flat trails to demanding climbs and adventurous routes with great vistas.

Wäller Routes

In autumn 2012 four South Westerwald trails were completed.

The Wäller Augst trail covers 14 km of hilly climbs and descents, passing historical sites such as the Sporkenburg castle ruins. Check out an entertaining hiking blog with dogs on this walk.


Wäller Tour im Eisenbachtal is a "cool refreshing" 9 km walk along a free-flowing stream, which is particularly suitable for families with young children.


Another hilly route is the 14-km Buchfinkenland Trail round the Westerwald Nature Park, which has numerous historic sites.

The Wäller Elberthöhen Tour from Niederelbert via Welschneudorf and Oberelbert is just short of 16 km. The mixed landscape offers fantastic panoramas in all directions – on a clear day you can see as far as to the Feldberg.

More information on this and other Wäller Tours can be found here.

The Wäller Pocket Guide

Tour Planner

Use the comprehensive walking guide with routes in and beyond the region.

Other Walks in and around Montabaur

Walking in the "Fairy-Tale" Westerwald.

Learn about the world of folk-tales along the 22 km tour between Nentershausen and Montabaur. 17 information boards tell of noble knights and bold treasure hunters.

Discover bewitching places and find out more about the myths and sagas of the Westerwald.

For our flyer click here.

In the spring of 2017 nine wooden sculptures were erected along the way in order to make this enchanted trail even more interesting and attractive. The figures crafted by the sculptors Simone Levy, Wolfgang Dillenkofer and Oliver Schulz were specially commissioned for the trail. These figures bring the characters from the myths and sagas to life and make each walk an "enchanting" experience.

Location and photos of the exhibits can be found in our interactive flyer.

Public Transport Information.

Our new theme path is not a circular one, so it's a good idea to park along the route and use public transport.

Current bus timetables for Mondays to Fridays are available under the following link.


Click on the link above, then the red tab and after that “Fahrplan”.

Now select “Fahrplandownload” and in the search window enter 450. This will give you the current timetable for buses between Montabaur and Nentershausen.

For bus timetables on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays use the following link http://www.montabaur.de. Under “Bürgerservice” and then “Verkehr – Busse & Bahnen” you will be directed to the link “zum Anruf Sammeltaxi AST” (economical shared taxi service).

Here select "Linie 8441 Görgeshausen-Montabaur und zurück".


A host of trails-one destination. Four boroughs – one project: In a joint project the boroughs of Montabaur, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Ransbach-Baumbach and Wirges have reorganised the trails around the Köppel the Montabaurer Höhe (Hills) with standardised signposting. So from wherever they set off walkers can easily find their way to the Köppel with its viewing tower and Köppel lodge.The project also ensures the protection of forest and wildlife.

The map showing all the trails and further information can be found here.

The Buchfinkentour/ Chaffinch Loop

The signposted circular routes on the Buchfinkenland-Rundwanderwegen promise variety and a unique experience of unspoilt nature. Avoiding busy roads, the trails through field and forest link the three “Buchfink” boroughs of Hübingen, Gackenbach und Horbach.


Kulturwanderwege Niederelbert

The five different culture paths ranging from 1,6 to 8,2 km are ideal for walking and exploration.


The Lahn-Westerwald-Loop which covers a distance of 20 kilometres links the southern Westerwald in Welschneudorf with the Lahn in Dausenau and offers a great variety of scenery.

Sculpture Trail

The Sculpture Trail with its 42 different exhibits along the banks of the Gelbbachtal with a great view of Montabaur castle is a popular attraction.

There is an entertaining hiking report on a walk with dogs along the sculpture trail.

The "Ton" (clay) Theme Path

The "Ton" (clay) Theme Path with 11 km of footpaths, comprising a red trail and a blue trail, affords insight into the hidden treasures of the Southern Westerwald: in the clay quarries round Boden, Niederahr, Moschheim and Ruppach-Goldhausen you will find the source of raw materials for the famous Westerwald salt-glazed pottery and countless other clay-based products.

There is an entertaining hiking report on a walk with dogs along these theme trails.

Walking in the Nassau National Park

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Southern Westerwald. The Nassau National Park offers a rich variety of native flora and wildlife.

This area has a 750-kilometre network of walking trails and footpaths local, waiting for you to discover and explore the unique features of the region.

Walking in the Westerwald

Detailed information on walking trails in the Westerwald can be obtained from the Westerwald Association.

Information on walks and events organised by the Eitelborn branch of the Westerwald Verein can be found here.