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Nordic Walking in the Southern Westerwald

Nature at its best. Get up and go. Grab your Nordic walking sticks and kit and set off across green hills, through romantic valleys and shady woods.

Round Montabaur

There are three Nordic walking trails in the Montabaur municipal forest. An easy one of 2.36 km, an intermediate circuit of 9.25 km and for the experienced walker a 11.16 km circuit.

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Buchfinkenland (Chaffinch Land) Nordic Walking Park

The Buchfinkenland (Chaffinch Land) Nordic Walking Park is certified and signposted in accordance with German Nordic Walking Association standards. Over a distance of 50 kilometres it offers interlinked routes of various levels of difficulty. The trails take you through the idyllic "Chaffinch Land" into the neighbouring village of Welschneudorf.

Route 8, the "Buchfinkenweg", is closed because of a nature protection order. Please use Routes 1-7.

Thank you for your co-operation and our apologies for any inconvenience.

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Rund um Heilberscheid (Round Heilberscheid)

There are trails of varying levels of difficulty round Heilberscheid*. These trails are, of course, also attractive for "non-walkers" offering scenic circular routes from between 4 ½ and 14½ kilometres.

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