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Nassau-Wäller-Radrunde (Nassau-Wäller Cycle Loop)

The Nassau-Wäller inter-regional bike loop was opened punctually at the beginning of the 2016 cycling season.

The circuit takes you through fantastic scenery. Covering a total of 58 km, the Nassau-Wäller bike loop goes from Westerburg to Wallmerod, then via Elz on to Hadamar and Dornburg, and finally back to Westerburg. Cyclists can stop at impressive natural monuments along the way, for example the Ewiges Eis (permanent ice) natural wonder at the foot of the Blasiusberg. (St Blaize's Mount)

The route takes you along established bike trails on both the Rheinland-Pfalz and on the Hessen side with the Westerwald-Schleife/Rheinland-Pfalz-Radroute and the R8-Radroute forming part of the Nassau-Wäller Cycle loop)

The route is well signposted, so that even the inexperienced cyclist will find their way. The Nassau-Wäller Loop, which opened in 2016, offers a varied attractive route, and you can join it any point along the way.

The main sections are

Wallmerod – Westerburg: 13 km

Dornburg – Hadamar: 9 km

Hadamar – Elz: 6 km

Elz – Wallmerod: 12 km

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