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E-Bike Hire

Fancy a bike tour but worried about the Westerwald hills?

No problem! Just hire an e-bike and enjoy the perfect cycling experience.

In cooperation with our provider, Movelo, the Montabaur Tourist-Information Office along with others in the Southern Westerwald is able to offer e-bike hire from January to December.

Climb the slopes of the Westerwald with ease and enjoy the scenery. An e-bike gives you the opportunity to go on an easy bike ride and experience the countryside and its cultural attractions.

The KALKHOFF e-bikes are "pedelecs"- which means the cyclist pedals as usual, and when necessary, uses the pedal assist provided by the small electric motor. This motorised assistance only engages when the rider is pedalling and cuts out once 25km/h is reached. The bikes can be ridden by anybody without any qualifications (e.g. driving licence) and are easy to use.

This unique cycling experience costs

15€ for a half-day (4 hours)

25€ for a whole day

45€ for a weekend (Sat. and Sun.)

55€ for a long weekend (Friday to Sunday)

99€ for week

50€ deposit per bike

The rental season runs from January to December


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